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Georgia the land of authentic, welcoming nature and exciting culture!

Georgia, country of Transcaucasia located at the eastern end of the Black Sea on the southern flanks of the main crest of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. A strategically important crossroad where Europe meets Asia. So, while people are discussing that it stands east of Turkey, which is seen as “gateway from Asia”, culturally and politically it identifies itself as closer to Europe. While visiting Georgia, you will mostly hear another name of our country: Sakartvelo, which means “the land of the Kartvelians”.



Business Innovation Forum

4 October 2018

About the Forum

This year, the PostEurop Business Innovation Forum brings you our very own Postal Start-Up Summit. We have an exciting programme lined up and will showcase some of the most successful start-ups working with postal operators in Europe, on innovations in the areas of the Internet of Things, Digital Advertising, E-Commerce, Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Participation Benefits

Members participating in the forum will have the opportunity to

learn first-hand about the start-ups and value add they bring to the postal business

• keep a pulse on emerging innovative trends

• network amongst postal peers with opportunity for personal meetings

Who should attend?

All senior postal professionals responsible for Strategic Development, Commercial and Marketing areas, and Innovation.

Confirmed start-ups

Adverserve was founded in 2001 as a service and consulting company, we are today one of the leading independent providers of Ad Technologies and Digital Advertising in Europe. We advise our customers in the selection of performance-oriented technology solutions and ensure their successful implementation in existing corporate structures. Our entire products and services are aimed at Advertisers, Publishers and Agencies. As a strong partner for Managed Services we offer full support in Ad Management – from beginning to end: we manage digital campaigns, analyse results, and optimize all processes in order to exceed the performance goals of our clients. www.adverserve.com

Bear's augmented reality solution links print and digital universes with a mobile app branded with your design. With Bear you can boost your Print content and gain market share, maximize conversion rates from Print to Digital and reach unparalleled knowledge of your Print audience. BEAR2B.COM

Flowake is a startup founded in 2017 to design, develop, and implement active perception systems, and autonomous robots for different areas, ranging from environmental monitoring to intralogistics. Flowake develops autonomous fixed wing and multirotor UAVs with different payloads to be used as monitoring and transporter platforms; among the various project Flowake is carrying on one must be underlined: to develop a specific autonomous UAV solution with extended autonomy to be applied in the delivering of parcels (up to 5Kg). The UAV platform Is modular and easily reconfigured to different missions. www.flowake.com

Parcify provides peace of mind for your shopping and shipping experience. We're transforming the way we ship, deliver and pay for items, by enabling shoppers to get what they want, where and at a time they want it. We connect local retailers with crowdsourced on-demand logistics. Our magic combines advanced technology with a passionate community of Parcifiers, bringing local stores closer to their citizens in the most convenient way! PARCIFY.COM

Modum streamlines value chain processes by providing trusted and scalable monitoring solutions for goods in transit. modum’s solutions range from sensing and monitoring to analytics and predictions. Each solution is designed to help you develop valuable business intelligence from your supply chain and logistics data. MODUM.IO

Stockon is a start-up of PostNL for the delivery of groceries at home. The groceries are bought directly from the producers and stored in a fulfilment location. In the location the orders will be picked and packed and send to the consumers. The consumer can order the groceries in an app, very easily to scroll and choose the products for the orderlist. The app will also give the consumers advice on which stock is needed. In the on-boarding period of the first week is learned via artificial intelligence how often to order for example peanut butter or pasta. So, the app will give you advice to make sure you are never out of stock. The fresh products will be delivered in passively cooled reusable transport box, which will be unpacked at the door of the consumer. For the delivery of the groceries several options are offered: during the day or in a certain timeframe of 2 hours in the evening. www.stockon.nl

Teleitems is a start-up that develops robotic parcel lockers and local mini-warehouses. The core solution is a parcel locker with address cells and internal conveyor. The solution is characterized by Its low cost of ownership, reliability and scalability.

Temprify is a start-up that was founded in January 2018 in Vienna and deals with patentable solutions in the field of passive temperature logistics. Temprify’s first product is the tempriBox: a passively cooled reusable high-performance transport box that enables frozen goods to be picked in a central warehouse and sent from there by parcel post. Thanks to the patented Temprify cooling system, the box only works with a single PCM cold pack – without expensive & dangerous dry ice. The tempriBox guarantees an interior temperature of – 18 °C for 24 h even at extreme outside temperatures of 50 °C. The tempriBox is a reusable product and can be used for several years. In addition, the tempriBox is designed for all common frozen product sizes and can withstand the high mechanical stresses of parcel logistics for several years. www.temprify.com

TOMI WORLD is a technological company founded in 2011. Its main activity is TOMI, which is an urban information solution created to serve and interact with the population. It aims to provide timely, relevant and up-to-date information and services accessible to all people every day, in the right place at the right time, using a proximity criterion. TOMI’s networks register millions of interactions per month. With more than 8 years of research and development, and about 6 years in operation on the street, TOMI is a unique technology in the world in continuous evolution in order to add more and more value to the cities. It aims to implement interactive urban information networks worldwide. Patented internationally and awarded worldwide. Currently has offices in Portugal, UK, Brazil and China (Macau) and Chile.

… and more!


For information on Business Innovation Forum, please contact:

Cynthia Wee, Communications Manager (PostEurop)

E: cynthia.wee@posteurop.org


João Manuel Melo, Chair of the Innovation Forum (CTT Portugal Post)

E: joao.m.melo@ctt.pt


Dahlia Preziosa, Vice-Chair of the Innovation Forum (Österreichische Post AG)

E: dahlia.preziosa@post.at